Residential Chimney Repairs in Portland OR Area

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We are your one and only company for home chimney and fireplace repairs. Whether we need to contract the work out or not, you will only have to deal with our team of professional, friendly chimney sweeps and repair workers.

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There is no job too big or little for our team to handle. Whether you need a simple cleaning or some major repairs, let us know. We work quickly to ensure that you get the results you want with minimum disruption to your home.

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Crown Repair

The chimney crown is an important part of the chimney system. It is the area around the top of the chimney that acts as an umbrella for the entire chimney structure. The chimney crown is not to be confused with the chimney cap, which is an attachment that is added to the top of the flue pipe to keep debris out of the chimney flue. The chimney crown tops off the masonry walls of the chimney with a small concrete roof that prevents water from seeping into the bricks and mortar that make up your chimney. This simple structure can actually save homeowners thousands of dollars in costly water damage repairs.



Wondering whether you should install a chimney cap? Consider this- something as simple (and relatively inexpensive) as a chimney cap can actually save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary chimney repairs. A chimney cap is a metal topper that covers the opening of your flue, keeping debris, water, and animals out of your chimney. Chimney caps also come with spark guards that keep burning embers from escaping out of your chimney than landing on nearby flammable objects (like your roof).

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The brick and masonry material of your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements. After years of enduring harsh weather conditions and regular usage, your chimney’s mortar will begin to deteriorate. This will leave your chimney susceptible to excessive moisture which is why it’s imperative to repair or replace the mortar before serious and expensive damage happens.